Yamasa koning pulsar slot machine manual

yamasa koning pulsar slot machine manual

Gamera "The Invincible" pachislo slot machine!
Any damage caused by a failed conversion is the owner's responsibility.
Reset machine by inserting barrel key in gratis slot bonus 10x10 niveau 13 lower lock on front door and turn it to the left.4 Machine keeps playing in bonus Game This may be normal, keep playing until the bonus game is complete.
Be sure to read the complete instructions as well as the warning.1.0.9 Removing Scratches from your Slot Machine I highly recommend Novus 2 for Fine Scratch Removal or Novus 3 for more abrasive scratch remover.Then press the reset button.Here is a parts list and diagram for installation of an in-line volume control.You're the highest bidder!Unplug wire harness and remove hopper from machine.1.0 Loading the Hopper Insert at least 400 tokens into the top of the hopper, as this will load the hopper for payoffs.4 Turning the Machine On Turn the machine power switch (located halfway up inside of machine on left side) to the.Bonus Games take place on the center pay line only.1.5 Setting the Credit/Collect Mode If the credit display is lit (0 the machine is in the credit mode.Also works great on other plastic parts around your home!The inner right wall should now be flat and free of obstructions.

You can close this opening if your like.
Place bid, review and confirm your bid, bid confirmation.
Pachislo SIol Machine Ver.
E-6 CO) Prize error Push the reset button E-7 Hopper overload Check the hopper.Included: One Pachislo Machine, 1 Door Key 1 Reset Key, 200 Tokens.Do not use verzending grootste online casino outdoors.E-8 Hopper Disconnected Check the cable CE/CJ/C2 A token slot is jammed Need to be cleared and clean with alcohol.It is possible to win up to 35 payouts (500 tokens) in the "Big Chance" play mode.I highly recommend using an old cotton t-shirt - works great for polishing!3.3.3 Safety Information warning: To reduce the risk of burns, fire, electric shock or injury to persons A machine should never be left unattended when plugged.