Slot machine technieken 320x240

slot machine technieken 320x240

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Typical Jet Aeration configuration, retrofit opportunities, we can assist industries to meet the challenges of production expansion and/or optimizing energy usage in their wastewater treatment facility.
The higher velocity jet plume allows for raising the Slot Injectors off the aeration basin floor resulting in energy savings due to lower blower pressure.Its mixing chamber incorporates a pressure recovery zone that distinguishes it from a conventional jet aerator.IBM, Products-Services, from business intelligence to financial performance, strategy management to analytics applications.Submerged jet aeration intermixes air with a motive liquid and injects the stream into the waste water.

The resultant oxygen transfer rate is extremely high.
The aerator itself consists of two jet nozzles.
The unique shape of the Slot Injector results in a high percentage of gas dissolution and superior mass transfer rates.
Additional scope of supply is available upon request.
Back-flushing the Slot Injector system is conducted essentially with an airlift pump that reverses the flow through the inner injector nozzle resulting in a powerful air-liquid stream that clears trash and debris from the system.The motive liquid - recirculated mixed liquor - is discharged from an inner nozzle into an outer mixing nozzle, within wich compressed atmospheric air is introduced and sheared into tiny bubbles wich are lijst van casino kaartspelen hoyle entrained in the motive liquid stream.The actual Jet Aeration Sytems are designed to be mounted higher, usually 75 cm to 120 cm /2 1/2 to 4 feet above the basin floor.Wat vonden ze dat leuk!Since 2006 the KLa Systems aerators we are implementing, are provided with a Slot Injector aeration system.The result is a device that can dissolve large quantities of gas with significantly less motive liquid pumping.Compared to conventional jet aeration technology, the Slot Injector system offers some unique benefits : Capital Savings, up to 60 reduction in liquid flow results in smaller and/or fewer pumps, as well as a significant reduction in the size of the liquid piping system both.Make a Ball Maze Game from a Cardboard Box and Empty Toilet Paper Rolls!Zeker een aanrader om samen met kinderen te maken.Slot Injector aeration systems are known for longterm, reliable operation.