Slot machine geheimen borderlands 2

slot machine geheimen borderlands 2

Back to screenshot grenade Mod Slot, grenade mods are items that you can equip in this slot to give special properties to your thrown grenades.
When you're in 'play mode.g., in the slot machine bedrijven lijn 9 middle of a battle, you can hit the 1 key to automatically switch to the weapon in this slot.
In 1998, Peter set up a video production called PC Production and now based in Chicago.It gives you detailed statistics and information on that weapon or item allowing you evaluate its capabilities.When this is unlocked, hit the 4 key to automatically equip the weapon in this slot.So don't be afraid to spend money right from the get-go.Retrieving an SDU will unlock a weapon equip slot.Cohdoo provides essentials to capture the spark of innovation, helping grow your ideas from infancy to maturity.Favoriting and Trashing Weapons If you hover over the right of any weapon slot in your inventory, you'll see either a yellow star or a red 'x'.

Note that you do not actually have to have a particular weapon type in your possession in order to stockpile ammo for.
For tvhm, go to the 'Raw' tab and set PlaythroughsCompleted.
In Type, select GD_V_SDU_WeaponEquipSlot (near the bottom of the list).This small phrase was the beginning of a more complex sentence being developed, "I can do that." In those first words an experience was built, an idea expressed.( Back to screenshot ) Cash on Hand This is how much cash you currently have in your possession.The Inventory screen shows the weapons and gear you have equipped or the spare stuff you're carrying in your backpack either of which view can be brought to the foreground by clicking on the yellow arrow.Plan B story mission (Chapter 5).All items in your inventory with a red 'x' can be sold all at once at any vending machine by simply pressing the 'Delete' key on your keyboard while on the Purchase screen (oddly enough).Back to screenshot equipped Weapon Slot #3, this will remain locked until you complete the.