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FW can be fun but the way standings play a part is in need of a total reworking.
Last season I had some really nice endorsements from people like MinerBumping, /r/eve and several other communities.
2017.03.04 16:39, vote Xenuria for CSM.Executive Outcomes Posted - 2010.12.20 23:20: Ephemeron Caldari Provisions Posted - 2010.12.21 00:26: Temu TheGreat Posted - 2010.12.21 01:25: atlantic city casino's online leeftijdseis if you're flying one of those ships i really think that neuts are the least of your problems.If you vote for me again and I am elected, I will continue my efforts to tempo slot machine jackpot reform the CSM and advocate for a increasingly better New Player Experience.A: There mobiele online casino cheat are many different kinds of narcissism.A: There are many reasons why somebody would single out my name.Could you think of other reasons why certain people like to target you?I can however say that the main issue last time was that CCP Dolan was misled by internet trolls.I am running for re-election and would appreciate your vote.

Last year you were interviewed by Xander Phoena but this year there was no interview despite there being two podcasts who did them (.
Q: Was there a timely way offered for you to react to the accusations back then?
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I will lie to protect somebody from harm but that is about.
In a matter of minutes there was 300 people in the channel.If they did I would be shouting it from the highest mountain tops for all to hear.Posted - 2010.12.20 17:56:00 - 1, kneebone, k-H Light Industries, posted - 2010.12.20 18:11:00 - 2, salpad.Forum rules, date of Birth: 21:40, first Forum Visit: 15:52.2017.02.20 21:30 Vote Xenuria for CSM 12 in Council of Stellar Management Fair Question.2017.05.18 21:04, forming the Strategic Cruiser Focus Group in, eVE Technology and Research Center, i want to be a part of this focus group.I am not any more or less important than I was before the act of vandalism took place.