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You dont want the seasoning rub to be washed off. .
I call them free leftover containers. .
So here is the recipe for both the pork and the chicken. .
Next rub down the chicken drumsticks with the seasonings and place around the edges of the crockpot. .Its great with the beans and rice too.This went on for 10 hours. .Strain it into your container, label and store. .As this cooks it will produce more liquid. .The principal is the same but your crockpots can be different if you choose, its just not required.I finally couldnt wait any longer and I started pulling pieces from the crockpot to taste. .While Scott was out delivering our companys.Give it time to absorb all of the spices and flavors.Next carefully place a few of the Chili Piquin peppers on top of the ribs. .Do not jump in and take the meat out before its cooked. .

I always save those liquids for soup bases or for a sauce. .
However being frugal (which for me sometimes means lazy) I decided I would cook them in the same crockpot together at the same time. .
Dont stay in the house all day with such an aromatic dish cooking in the crockpot unless you want to be committed by the end of the day.
Rub down the chicken breasts with the seasonings and place on top of the ribs. .Uncooked chicken and pork are not good rad van fortuin speelautomaten kansen for you and besides it just wont taste good. .After all they lived on farms together; why not get along in my crockpot. .I started the crockpot in the morning and within a few hours the house smelled amazing. .Now Ive already warned you. .I however have not been able to determine if it is gluten free or not so I did not use. .After I had rubbed down the meats and put them into the crockpot and set it to cook all day I was concerned how it would turn out, but the deed was done.Very carefully pour in the liquid so it does not pour over your meats. .Also, being glass we wont be eating the plastic that can get absorbed into your food, especially hot food.