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Some state that instead of Afrikaners, which refers to an ethnic group, the terms Afrikaanses or Afrikaanssprekendes (lit.
Nevertheless, Afrikaans remains more prevalent in the media radio, newspapers and television 62 than any of the other official languages, except English.
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I did not know that he would not come.
Dutch: Biography of a Language.Afrikaans letters and pronunciation Grapheme IPA Examples and Notes a /a / appel apple /a tale languages.Wanneer je naar Zuid Afrika gaat, is het handig om niet alleen een Afrika kaart mee te nemen, maar ook een kaart van Zuid Afrika.De Kaart Van Zuid-Afrika Stock Afbeelding - Afbeelding: 15047661.(1994 Language Attitudes in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Sociolinguistic Overview, Multilingual Matters, retrieved 10 November 2008 Alant, Jaco (2004 Parlons Afrikaans (in French Éditions L'Harmattan, retrieved Baker, Colin; Prys Jones, Sylvia (1997 Encyclopedia of bilingualism and bilingual education, Multilingual Matters Ltd., retrieved Berdichevsky, Norman (2004 Nations.63 South African census figures suggest a growing number of speakers in all nine provinces, a total.85 million in 2011 compared.98 million a decade earlier.214, Niesler, Louw Roux 2005,. .Retrieved 10 November 2008.(mi pn vas n mi ant) My hand is in warm water.Archived from the original on Retrieved 22 September 2010.5, Mennen, Levelt Gerrits 2006,. .

"Afrikaans se môre is bruin (Afrikaans' tomorrow is coloured.
The Languages We Speak.
In 1983, a fresh translation marked the 50th anniversary of the 1933 version and provided a much-needed revision.
Archived from the original (PDF) on Retrieved 17 September 2013.71, Mesthrie 1995,. .Want van U is die koninkryk, en die krag, en die heerlikheid, tot in ewigheid."field commando from Afrikaans kommando meaning small fighting unit, boomslang tree snake and apartheid segregation more accurately "apartness" or "the state or condition of being apart.Page, retrieved Proost, Kristel (2006 "Spuren der Kreolisierung im Lexikon des Afrikaans in Proost, Kristel; Winkler, Edeltraud, Von Intentionalität zur Bedeutung konventionalisierter japanse slot machine for sale zuid holland Zeichen, Studien zur Deutschen Sprache (in German Gunter Narr Verlag, retrieved Réguer, Laurent Philippe (2004 Si loin, si proche.: Une langue européenne.In Afrikaans, many consonants are dropped from the earlier Dutch spelling.205, Kamwangamalu 2004,. .